Video: Adventures in Saddle Seat


Throughout 2011, the Horse Illustrated team will be trying different equestrian sports for the Test Ride column. In the February issue, Senior Associate Editor Kim Abbott took a saddle seat lesson aboard an American Saddlebred mare named Eve at Blue Willow Farm in Versailles, KY. Watch some of the highlights from Kim’s lesson and learn more about saddle seat riding from instructor Andrea Steponaitis.


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  1. What a fun experience! I ride English and Western Pleasure, so it would be fun to try saddleseat. I haven’t read your article on it yet, so it’ll be a new meaning when I read it since I’ve watched the video clip. Good job! And thank you for posting it!

  2. I thought this was a great Saddle Seat 101 video. I used to ride saddle seat and for me, it was difficult to explain to someone who’s never even ridden english, the hows and why of saddle seat. I have sent this on to my friends.

  3. I have been thinking latley about doing saddleseat, my horse used to do saddleseat, and i wonder if i could try it on her. After this video it makes me want to try it even more!

  4. Hey my name is hannah hirschhorn. ive been doing saddle seat for my whole life. I loved the video. I have been taking lessons on friesians, saddlebreds and hackney ponies. In the lesson i thought you were giving very good points.

  5. Being a QH Western Show Pleasure rider, it would feel very strange to me. I also like a level top line, I would feel as if this horse was about to hit me with his head.


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