’s You Be the Judge


How it works:
Upload a video of you riding or driving your horse, and select Critique My Riding as the category. You will need to log in to your Club Horse account to upload a video.

In the Video Description section, briefly describe what you and your horse are working on so that viewers will know how to critique you. Keep it short and to the point. Don’t use this space to list all the faults you think you have or make excuses for them! You’ll get better critiques if you let viewers tell you what they see rather than leading them to look at your perceived faults.

Example of a good description:
“This is my horse, Dobbin, and me during a lesson last month. We competed in hunters this year, but next year I plan to try equitation, and I need a few pointers.”

Example of a bad description:
“This is my horse, Silver, and me at a show last month. I know my heels need to be down more, but someone on the rail opened an umbrella and it freaked Silver out so I was trying to push him over so my leg position isn’t as good as it usually is. And I know he’s tossing his head a lot, but I just switched his bit right before that show and he’s much better now.”

Viewers can only critique what they can see. If the only video you have of you is from a day when you had an unusually bad ride, or if the video quality makes it difficult to see you, wait until you have a better video to submit a clip for critiquing.

All videos uploaded must be approved by staff before they will appear on the site.

Click here to upload your video.

To critique a video:
Once you’ve watched a video, you can leave your critique by clicking “Submit a Comment” at the bottom of the page.

Critique what you know. If you’ve only ridden hunters, you probably won’t be able to effectively critique a barrel racer.

Be helpful and be nice. Riders upload videos because they want advice on how to improve their riding, but that doesn’t mean they want to be ripped apart. Make sure your critique is constructive. Be specific and explain what they can do to work on problems.

Click here to view You Be the Judge videos.


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