Horses in Focus – Christina Handley’s Biography


Christina and DingoChristina Handley lives on a working farm in Ontario with her husband Boyd, their three Belgian horses and their dog, Dingo.

Handley is a full time freelance photographer with a career spanning over 12 years. She started her professional photography career in 1997 and has since had her work featured in various catalogs and magazines, including Horse Illustrated, as well as calendars and product advertisements.

Christina’s affinity for the camera started at a young age and developed as a result of her parents’ hobby. “They loved taking pictures of family and travel, so there were always a lot of photos around the house,” she says. “Taking pictures was a big part of our life.”

Christina has also always loved horses, and combining her two passions was a natural occurence. The freedom to be creative is what she enjoys most about being an equine photographer.

“I view the world around me as a photograph” says Handley. Everything I see, I imagine as a photo. I also enjoy meeting new people, being outdoors and traveling.”

Christina HandleySpending time outside and taking photos of horses allows Christina to use her favorite techniques for capturing the best images: natural lighting and selective focus.

She is currently working to teach others about equine photography through her online classes at

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