January 2019 SmartTip of the Month Presented by SmartPak: Equine Wellness


Thumbs up: Developing an annual horse wellness program with your veterinarian

One of the best ways to keep your horse healthy is by partnering with your vet! Spring will be here soon, so work with your vet now to develop a wellness program for your horse that includes an annual physical exam, dental exam, vaccinations, and deworming.

Appaloosa horse - annual horse wellness program
Photo by Leslie Potter

Thumbs down: Skipping your horse’s annual physical exam

The more your vet sees your horse when he’s healthy, the better they’ll be able to help him when he’s unwell. An annual physical exam is a great way to establish a baseline for what’s “normal” in your horse, and it’s also the perfect time to discuss any specific concerns you have with your vet.

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