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Cindy and Joey
Cindy and Joey

My life has always revolved around horses. From my school days when I was the only kid who cantered around the playground to the many years I spent competing on the show circuit, my identity has been defined by my relationship to horses. Fortunately, I was able to find a career writing about horses. I’ve written four books for equestrians and won the USEF Pegasus Award for my writing at Horse Illustrated.

One bit of misfortune, however, occurred when I had a terrible riding accident while jumping. That left me with chronic pain and some disability in my right arm. Due to my injuries, I had to re-evaluate just how I’d interact with horses, although I certainly wasn’t going to stop riding! My compromise is to ride mostly on the trails, in western tack. That’s turned out just fine, because I think during all those years as a huntseat rider I was denying my inner cowgirl.

Paint Horse Wally

Two years ago my husband, Ron, finally gave in to my dream of living on horse property. We moved to a home in Norco, California, which has the distinction of being labeled “Horsetown, USA,” primarily because the horses here outnumber the humans. I contributed to the population census by placing a pair of Paint geldings in my backyard. Their names are Wally and Joey, and they both have very distinct personalities. Between dealing with their idiosyncrasies, handling the barn chores and giving riding lessons part-time, the horse world keeps me busy. In my spare moments I try my best to be a “normal” housewife for my non-horsey husband. Needless to say, nearly every day brings a new adventure!

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  1. Love this blog! It almost replaces Cindy’s column in Horse Illustrated (pretty much the main reason I subscribed) but not quite. She has a great sense of humor about the life we choose to have with our four-footed family members.

  2. You are amazing. I enjoyed reading your articles in Horse Illustrated, and then I found out about the blog (that made me very happy to know there was more, so I don’t have to wait a month to read more of your writings!). Thank you for being such a phenomenal writer, and I hope Wally’s feet don’t cause any more trouble. 🙂

  3. This is great that there’s a blog! I really liked your articles in Horse Illustrated. At my recent show you were my judge and gave me 1st and 2nd place! Continue writing so we can all keep up with your horsey life!

  4. Cindy,
    Hello I just recieved Novembers issue of horse illistrated and out of habit I flipped to the very last page. And to my surprise I saw May. Right there fighting for carrots with a yellow lab. I almost fell over. Not more then a few months ago that little girl was sitting at the Norco Animal Shelter, where I currently work. Reading the story about how shes doing made me so estatic and im happy shes doing so well especially since I was the one to introduce the family to May. But I was wondering if you would possibly be doing to piece on the Norco Animal Shelter and all the horses we have and have come across.

  5. I met your sister last week in a pet store. She had walked in for the same reason I did… Just to peek at the babies? We talked about our love for animals and she mentioned I should google you and look you up. I am a psychic but also do animal psychic work as well. I am a total animal activist ? my facebook is geared completely towards that.

  6. Wonderful, but I’m reaching out for help. I have a 12 year old gelding ex-race horse. Cowboy Drifter, out of Twining; kin to Secretariat and Northern Dancer. He’s a good and gentle boy, but still a bit confused. He thinks he’s a stud and acts up around the ladies; won’t pay attention to me & hard to get moving. I have your 2005 Part One Teaching Aids for riding,not racing,; from Horse Illustrated. How can I get hold of Part Two, and any other such articles that may help re-train this guy. Any suggestions?

  7. It’s so good to see Cindy writing about what she loves most! I knew Cindy years ago when we rode hunters, in fact I got a young Trak. mare from her, Liesl.

  8. Cindy My dear friend has a horse in Pasadena off the track from Santa Anita that needs your help to be a hunter jumper. I am inspired what you wrote about off the track horses in another online article when in Ohio. Its hard to find a sincere person who can take a horse from off the track to jumping!


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