November 2019 SmartPak SmartTip of the Month: With Changing Seasons, Should Supplements Change?

Should changing seasons mean changing supplements?

Pony in Autumn Leaves
Photo by Grigorita Ko/Shutterstock

Thumbs Up: Evaluating Your Horse’s Supplement Program During Changing Seasons

The weather is cooling down, and the leaves are turning colors, which means there’s something else that may be changing: your horse’s needs. If your horse’s workload, diet or living environment is changing with the seasons, he may benefit from different areas of support than he does during the summer. This is the perfect time of year to evaluate your horse’s workload, diet and living environment for the upcoming seasons and determine whether he may need different support now than he did over the summer. To learn more about why your horse’s supplement program may need to change if you’re taking it easy this winter, working harder this winter, or maintaining your regular workload this winter, check out SmartPak’s blog, “The Seasons are Changing. Are Your Horse’s Needs?

Thumbs Down: Stopping Supplements Just Because the Seasons Have Changed

Even though the weather is cooling off, that doesn’t necessarily mean your horse’s supplement program should, too. While there are some types of supplements that you don’t need all year, many of the most popular supplements are critical even in your horse’s “off-season.” There are four areas of support that are key to your horse’s health no matter what season it is, including joint, hoof, digestion, and skin and coat. To learn why supporting your horse with these key categories is a smart investment in his health, visit SmartPak’s blog, “There is No Off Season for Your Horse’s Health.”

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