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My obsession with holiday cookies started when I was in high school. Over the years, I have made, decorated, packaged and delivered herds of boxes of holiday cookies. I have a collection of copper cookie cutters from moose to chickens to owls, dogs, cats, X’s and O’s, a giant dragonfly, flowers, birds and even a Martha Stewart giraffe and corresponding elephant and crocodile (safari theme).

I also have a delightful stable full of cookie cutter horses, ponies, a donkey and one funky-looking draft (an antique). Oh yeah, and a sleigh. And a perfect copper barn. One year I made cookies for all of my barn friends – they each got one huge cookie that had been decorated like their own very horses – merry buttercream bays, paints and chestnuts. Another year I made a herd of snow ponies in chocolate buttercream and white sprinkles and delivered them to a friend on Christmas day.


On Monday I made a trip to an old store in the Maryland suburbs that sells cake-decorating supplies. My older son selected a football-shaped cookie cutter and one shaped like a men’s tie. His younger brother debated which color sprinkles he wanted to buy. As usual, my thoughts strayed to horses. I bought decorations for the horses I would soon bake. We hustled home to make cookies.


Like I was visiting with old friends, I dug through my box of cookie cutters, selecting a favorite cresty, high-stepping pony and the humble copper donkey. After the flour and the sugar were mixed and the baking was done, I made frosting. To get my dark bay just right, I mixed a few melted Hershey kisses into the buttercream and picked at a pile of chocolate sprinkles. Then I dressed them for the holidays with some special sugar holly leaves from the store. Can you hear the festive clip clop of their sweet sugar-cookie hooves?

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  1. I have some horse cookie cutters. Make horse shape cookies for my horsey friends. Appaloosa have chocolate sprinkles on their butts. You can move the legs, before baking, and also the heads.


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