Before a Snowstorm

There's something cozy and reassuring about preparing the horses for an incoming storm.


Horse nose up close


There’s a certain brand of happiness I’m feeling today, in anticipation of a big snowstorm. It’s cold at the barn but my bare fingers are warm from currying a thick coat of apricot pony hair. It’s windy, but I’m warm carrying Taff and Chico’s warm Rambo rugs (check out product review here). I drape, adjust, buckle and smooth. I clip the tail straps, pick the hooves and decide to leave the hay-laced forelocks just as I found them.

Horse in winter blanket


Horse in winter blanket


At home, my cabinets are stocked with hot chocolate and the makings for soup. School is already cancelled for Friday. There will be puzzles and parties and puddles of snow in the house. And for now, the smell of hay and horses – and knowing they’ll be snug in their rugs no matter how deep the snow — keeps me warm no matter how long the snow falls.

Horse friends


Closeup of Kitson and Taff


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