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Using a mounting block

Teach Your Horse to Stand at the Mounting Block

Q: I’ve heard that it’s better for my horse if I use a mounting block, but he moves away before I can get my...

When to Bail

Q: Is it better to get off a misbehaving horse or keep riding so he doesn’t learn that he gets to quit when he’s...

What’s Wrong with this Picture: Rider’s Hands

"Keep a straight line from elbow to bit,” is something that most equestrians hear in their riding careers. It’s simple advice but it’s also...

My Horse Won’t Walk!

Q: I ride a high-energy gelding, and every time I ride him, I cannot seem to keep a steady walk. He is always jigging...

Rider Position: What’s Wrong with This Picture?

While the hands may be voted the superstars of communication with your horse, the elbows are the true unsung heroes of the riders’ arms....
Leading a Horse

Leading a Horse: What’s Wrong with This Picture?

 Leading may seem like one of the least complicated activities to do with your horse but it is the cornerstone to your horse’s relationship...

Teach Your Horse to Pivot Under Saddle

Q: I have a mare that pivots beautifully on the ground for showmanship. In the saddle, she will not pivot. Instead, she makes a...
Western horse jogging

Tensing up at Faster Gaits

Q: I have a 10-year-old Quarter Horse mare that is still pretty green. When I ask her to jog or lope, she becomes tense...

Are Bits and Hackamores Cruel to Horses?

Q: I’ve read that bits hurt a horse’s mouth, hackamores can injure the delicate nerves and bones in the nose, and a sidepull can...

Get Your Green Horse Moving Forward

Q: I have a 3-year-old filly that has been started under saddle. However, her natural inclination is to move backward, not forward. When she...
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