1. Unfortunately, there’s no PetCo near our place. How about Tractor Supply coupons! I’d like to see coupons for horse item, too

  2. I agree Tractor Supply Cupons would be great, also maybe cupons for brands that are more readily availably like Purina or horse products like Showsheen and other such things!

  3. i would really enjoy some horse coupons for fly spray show sheen etc, for stores like stateline tack, tractor supply, etc, please we would all really enjoy it

  4. Great coupons, but none for horse products??? Need good coupons for everyday use items – fly repellant products, show sheen, clippers or clipper blades at least?

  5. Its finally nice to get coupons available to us. But I would prefer horse product coupons, and can they be made valid in Canada?? Us Canadian subcribers would love to see coupons to help us save money, but there of no use to us if there not valid in Canada.

  6. Since after all this is a horse website, I think the coupons should be put towards horse products. Some people might have dogs and cats as well, but being subscribed to the site is about horses not dogs or cats.

  7. If you give coupons you ought to give all critter coupons not just cats!!and any way i don’t use any of those brands the cats eat Iams because anything else upsets Miss Chippy’s s stomach she is 17 years old and a grouch!


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