Past Kentucky Derby Winners Predict 2019 Derby Outcome

The Kentucky Horse Park’s Hall of Champions is the place to go for Derby predictions, and more social media highlights from #DerbyDay 2019.


If you’re looking for an educated prediction on which horse will win the 2019 Kentucky Derby, is there anyone better to ask than a member of that very exclusive club of past Derby champions? Here is an educated prediction on what the outcome will be in the 2019 Kentucky Derby based on past Kentucky Derby winners.

As of 2019, the Kentucky Horse Park’s Hall of Champions is home to several notable horses, including two Kentucky Derby winners: 1984 winner Go for Gin, the oldest living Derby winner, and Funny Cide, the winner in 2003.

t seems there’s some disagreement between the two, so you’ll just have to decide which retired equine athlete you trust more to see who you believe will win the 2019 Kentucky Derby.

It’s always exciting when the first Saturday in May falls on May the Fourth Be With You, because then somebody gets to Photoshop R2D2 onto the back of a horse.

(Is that Photoshopped? Or is that actually R2D2 on a horse?)

Fortunately for those of us who missed the Game of Thrones bus, you don’t have to be a fan to enjoy the dry humor of this HBO tweet.

“AtTheBarnTTYL” is a great racehorse name, especially for the Kentucky Derby.

“Horse-Poor Banana” is also a pretty good one.

Well, this is just cute.

Watch the 2019 Kentucky Derby coverage on NBC starting today at 2:30 p.m. ET. Post time for the Derby is 6:50.

We’re wishing all the horses and jockeys a safe journey in the 145th Kentucky Derby today!


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