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How often do you wear a helmet when riding a horse?
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Horse Rider with Helmet
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Two decades ago, if you needed a riding helmet, you went to the local tack shop and picked one out of a selection of nearly identical black velvet-covered hats. Today, riders have more choices than ever when it comes to buying protective headwear.

Find Your Style

Wearing a helmet every time you ride is a simple, proven way to reduce your risk of head injury. While helmets are now required in many competitive disciplines, recreational riders of all ages and experience levels are also taking advantage of the safety and style innovations of modern protective headwear. One of the positive outcomes of more widespread helmet usage among equestrians of all disciplines is that manufacturers have created an array of styles for everyone.

The good news for traditionalists is that the classic black velvet look is still available. However, thanks to advances in design and technology, English riders have plenty of sophisticated and sporty options for both showing and schooling.

It’s taken some time for western riders to get on board with wearing helmets, but styles designed for the western market are helping to increase the appeal. Western design elements include leather-look coverings, conchos and decorative stitching.

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