Poll: Are you ever too old to ride?

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Are you ever too old to ride?
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Older Woman kissing a Paint horse - Riding into the Golden Years
American Paint Horse. Photo by Jeremy Woodhouse/ thinkstockphotos.com

Thousands of children and young people are learning to ride in lesson programs and competing in shows all around the world. These younger riders, however, can learn valuable lessons from senior riders who are busy riding, owning, and showing horses.

Seasoned riders can teach the rest of us how it’s done and remind us of why it’s done. In so many sports, participants fizzle out as they reach their forties, or even younger. What is it about riding that hooks some people for life?

The horses, for one.

Barb Anderson, from Minnesota, owns two beautiful Morgan horses, Wilson and Scarlet. Barb’s riding looks elegant and effortless, though any rider knows that appearing effortless is actually the result of a lot of work.

Barb had always dreamed of riding and owning horses, but it didn’t happen early in life for her. It wasn’t until several of her children were leaving the nest and heading off to college that she made her dream come true. She now rides several times a week at Hardwood Creek Farm in Minnesota and competes on the Morgan show circuit.
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