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Home Horse Illustrated Back Issues Print 2021 Best of Breeds Vol. II now available for pre-order!

2021 Best of Breeds Vol. II now available for pre-order!


This Best of Breeds special issue from Horse Illustrated features our 30 most popular breed profiles, including three new breeds and refreshed profiles and photos. The full breed lineup:
1. Akhal-Teke
2. American Cream Draft
3. American Paint Horse
4. American Quarter Horse
5. American Saddlebred
6. Andalusian/P.R.E.
7. Appaloosa
8. Arabian
9. Bashkir Curly
10. Clydesdale
11. Friesian
12. Gypsy Vanner
13. Haflinger
14. Icelandic
15. Lipizzan
16. Mangalarga Marchador
17. Marwari
18. Miniature Horse
19. Missouri Fox Trotter
20. Morgan
21. Norwegian Fjord
22. Paso Fino
23. Peruvian Horse
24. Rocky Mountain Horse
25. Shetland Pony
26. Shire
27. Standardbred
28. Tennessee Walking Horse
29. Thoroughbred
30. Welsh Pony


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