1. This looks very neat, but more information would be helpful. I don’t quite understand all the ins and outs of it. Thank you for offering this new opportunity!

  2. I have taken every quiz on every page (1-13) yet it says i’ve taken fewer quizzes than some others. where do i find more quizzes?

  3. I have taken a few of these quizzes and they show up on my account but they don’t show on my quiz stats. What is up with that??? How do I get my quiz stats???

  4. I don’t under stand how I can go from having taken 624 questions and got 290 correct, to the same amount of questions and down to only 195 correct. What’s up with this game. Is the quiz master falling asleep at the game answers.

  5. I’ve taken several of the quizzes and the points show up on my overall account but on my quiz status it shows that I havn’t taken any quizzes. And after you take a quiz it says to enter a user name. Does that mean the whole thing of what I use to login to the site?
    This is a good idea, but I think it might be having some issues that need to be fixed of something.

  6. why am i now moving DOWN with my icons! after earning a certain level i thought you got to keep it! it’s very annoying that you have NO EXPLANATION for how this works. i will not be taking any quizmaster test anymore. i used to enjoy it but now it’s just an exercise in confusing due to the lack on information on it.

  7. I like the quizes. They teach me things I did not know and assure me of the things I thought I knew. I remember when you just took quizes and got nothing. Thank you HI

  8. Okay, so how exactly do these work? I’m in the top five, but I don’t have one of these cool little buttons? Can anyone get one, or just those who are the leading scorer?

  9. I just wanted to draw your attention to a glitch. I didn’t get any points for the latest quiz for correct answers.

  10. love the quizzes! but how do we get one of the quiz master icons – I take a quiz every week and don’t have one 🙁

  11. thank you Diane for showing me the horse channel I love it I check it out atleast twice a day.The quiz is great fun I just wish there were more of them

  12. It has been several weeks, I have been in the top 5, my icons are not updating. I have sent several e-mails, son’t seem to get any answers.

  13. I find those quizzies so intrigued that made me so hooked up and maybe will help me with Reg. Vet. Technician courses in college Im in enrolled right now.

  14. @Kimry: You take as many quizzes as you can and get the correct answers on as many as possible to move up the levels.

  15. A big fan of Quizzes, however I have not seen a new Quiz in quite some time. Is it a local problem on the site or have there been other players also waiting?


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