Ranch Riding Coaching Session for Pattern 1

Ranch Riding Pattern 1
Image Courtesy AQHA

Champion trainer Julian Nemmers explains how to navigate through AQHA Ranch Riding Pattern 1.

For Pattern 1, you’ll enter with a big walk, moving around the corner, and then start the trot.

The collected trot is first but should be ground covering.

At the middle of the arena, you’ll move to an extended trot. Here, you can stand and help your horse reach forward.

Next, you’ll stop and turn around to the left. Your horse should halt quickly, but not slide.

Lope off right away without hesitation. This is a collected lope to the center of the arena.

Next, do a simple or flying lead change from left to right, then continue to lope.

At the gate, extend the lope; then sit down well before the corner to collect the lope and ride around the far end of the arena.

Moving back to the center, you’ll pick up the extended trot. This is a downward transition that can be challenging, so practice lots at home to get the feel of how much cueing your horse needs.

You’ll round the corner, then walk.

As you prepare to walk over the logs, make sure your horse keeps moving forward without hesitation.

After the logs, you’ll stop and back up. Keep showing until the end!

Download and practice Ranch Riding Pattern 1 and all of the possible patterns at www.aqha.com/ranch-riding1.

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