Misadventures with Mirkos, Part Deux


    The Near Side - Misadventures with Mirkos, Part DeuxMirkos was recently moved to a new pasture after his herdmates left him with one too many hairless patches of skin. I urged him several times in the past to stick up for himself, but as the low man on the totem pole, I guess there’s not much he could do.

    I’m not sure Mirkos is too thrilled about being in his own pasture because he eagerly approaches me at the gate; he never did this when he was in the other pasture.

    While I feel terrible that he is a little lonely–there are three horses just over the fence, but I know it’s not the same–I have to be honest about the fact that I love not having to walk 15 to 30 miles (OK a bit of an exaggeration) to drag him out of the much larger pasture. Hopefully he will have a new friend soon. 

    So, on to our next misadventure: As I led Mirkos in from his new pasture one afternoon, I heard the telltale sound of a loose shoe. When we reached the driveway, I realized he had already lost the other one (he only has shoes on his front feet). The left front was hanging on by three nails. I attempted to pull it myself, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing that, so I had to call in the barn manager, who yanked it out in one swift motion. I have taken that shoe and plan to decorate it as a keepsake. Stay tuned for the final results, which hopefully you can use to create your own memento of your horse.

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    1. Mirkos will probably be much friendlier with you if he’s the only horse in his pasture. Mine is completely alone and always comes to the gate when I call him. I’ve never had to go and get him. Very convenient.

    2. Hi Kate. That’s really cool! I’d be interested in learning how you make the photo frames. It sounds like a wonderful gift to make for equestrian friends.


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