My Visit to Graceland


    I recently took a very special trip to Memphis, where I was given a tour of Elvis Presley’s stables. You may remember the story I wrote in April regarding two horses that Priscilla Presley and Graceland rescued in an effort to help the horses and keep the stables running as Elvis would have wanted (click here to read the story from the April 2009 issue of Horse Illustrated).

    After walking through the house, Alene Alexander, who has been the stable manager there for 27 years, showed me and my parents around the stable. In addition to getting my picture taken with the two rescue horses (Max and Bandit), I met some wonderful people and learned more about Elvis and his love of horses. Since then I’ve been listening to his music every time I get in the car, and my goal is to watch all of his movies! It was a trip that I will never forget, and I hope to go back someday.

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