A Horsey Keepsake


    After Mirkos lost a shoe, I decided to make an art project out of it. You can purchase horseshoes decorated with beads and ribbons and hang it in your home as a sophisticated way of showing your love for horses, but wouldn’t it be more meaningful if you used your own horse’s shoe and decorated it yourself? Well that’s what I did with Mirkos’ shoe.

    I took a trip to the arts and crafts store Michael’s for my supplies: beading string, beads and a metallic spray paint (used on model cars). After coating the shoe with the metallic spray paint so it looked silvery and clean, I tied one end of the string about midway down the left side of the shoe (using one of the nail holes as an anchor) and simply began stringing the beads in a random order, wrapping the beaded string around the shoe as I went. When I reached the lowest part of the shoe in the middle, I added a photo charm then continued beading until I reached the midpoint of the right side of the shoe. I haven’t found the perfect picture yet, but when I do, I will place it in the photo charm and have a special keepsake of Mirkos. It was a fun project that anyone can do! Here is a photo of the finished product:

    The Near Side - A Horsey Keepsake

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