A Winter Wonderland


    Most regions of the United States have been experiencing extreme cold over the past couple of weeks. Sure, it’s January, so we shouldn’t be expecting sunbathing weather, but it has been exceptionally frigid. I know some of you are willing to tough it out no matter what, but I also know I’m not the only one who has slowed down the riding schedule thanks to the weather.

    Besides the single-digit temperatures, we here in Kentucky have had a significant amount of snow dumped on us over the past week. Of course, what constitutes a significant amount is all relative. In my home state of Maine, when four inches accumulate, the road crews clear it off before anyone has bothered to notice and we carry on with our lives. Here it seems like every time a few flurries appear in the air, schools and businesses shut down, residents buy every loaf of bread and gallon of milk in the store and the local news and weather teams speak in serious tones of voice about the importance of not leaving one’s house unless absolutely necessary.

    Maybe I’m exaggerating, but only a little.

    Icy conditions kept poor Snoopy confined to his stall for most of the day on Saturday, so on Sunday I decided I’d take him the longer, but safer route out the side door and around the paddocks so that he could have some turnout time with his buddy Sam. Sam lives outside all the time, but he seemed happy to have company. However, his attempts to get Snoopy to play with him failed. I thought that Snoopy would have been eager to run around a little after being stuck indoors, but all he really wanted to do was get in a good roll.

    Snoopy rolling in the snow

    Though I complain about the cold, I really shouldn’t. Once the temperature hits 40, this is going to be mud instead of snow. My curry-combing muscles will certainly be getting a workout.

    Snoopy wearing snow

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