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    It’s hard to be lazy when you have horses to take care of. Unless your horses live on green pasture with a source of potable water, you have chores to do every day. At bare minimum you have to scoop grain, toss hay, fill buckets and muck stalls, and that’s on a slow day. It only makes sense to look for an easier way. Get a tractor and a spreader so you don’t have to push a wheelbarrow. Install automatic waterers so you don’t have to haul buckets. How about finding a motorized manure fork that does the work for you?

    This sounds like a ridiculous idea, but the good folks at Berto decided to run with it anyway. As a result we now have the Shake’n Fork.

    You scoop up a pile, push a button, and take a moment to contemplate life while the fork does the work. Sounds great, but in my opinion, the back breaking part of stall cleaning is the scooping and the dumping. The shaking is really the easy part, isn’t it? And it doesn’t seem like it would actually save time since you still have to wait for it to do the shaking. I’m skeptical, but if someone wants to try it out and come back with a review, you can do so for the low, low price of $167 (yikes, is it gold-plated?) at

    Someday, decades from now, I think the Shake’n Fork will be in a museum right next to the Snuggie and the ShamWow.

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    1. hey- i showed this to my dad, and when you ahve a bum shoulder like he does from an old accident, this seems like the greatest invention in the world!

    2. I saw these being used in a large barn and the two mexican cleaners were just going like mad. They definitely didn’t stop to watch them run though. I asked them if they liked them and they couldn’t stop talking good things about them.
      I asked to try it ( they were happy to watch me work!) and after I got used to it I can say that I’m going to buy one. It was so much easier than my shaking it the regular way. Its hard to describe why it works so well, but this video doesn’t do a good job of “real world” use. I think they would sell more if they demonstrated it better, but I couldn’t really say how to describe the” feel” of it, and that is what makes it better. I am really looking forward to getting mine.

    3. Shamwow, Snuggy, Shakenfork? You just might be right since I just read where Berto’s shake’n fork was just a finalist at an as-seen-on-TV “inventors Day” competition. His Shake’n fork won out over hundreds of entries from across the USA and impressed the judges enough to warrant further consideration. You can read the AP article here:
      It must be pretty impressive to be able to beat out everyone else.


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