The Wonder Years


    Today is Chance’s birthday—he turns 4, which makes him an official adult horse now.  I have been getting a lot of comments lately on how much he’s grown up and filled out. Which he absolutely has! But he’s still a baby to me. After years of owning, riding and appreciating some fantastic veteran mounts, I am adjusting to having a youngster. It’s a totally different mindset.

    The old guys definitely knew their job and what was expected in the manners department. It was all too easy to indulge them and make allowances for their foibles. And, they were the ones teaching me. With a youngster, I’m responsible for shaping his behavior. Meaning, any bad habits he develops will be my fault. That’s one reason I invested in training for both of us, and it has paid off exponentially. We’ve had some baby moments here and there, but overall, Chance is a pretty levelheaded little guy, and I’m proud of his progress.

    We’ll be celebrating today with plenty of carrots and apples. If the weather holds, we might even get in a somewhat chilly ride.

    It’s exciting to be starting out together. With a young, sound equine partner, there are so many possibilities.  This is the first of what I hope will be many birthday celebrations with Chance, and plenty more exciting “firsts” ahead of us.

    Happy birthday Chance!

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