Working out with Zenyatta


    At 5’8″, I will never be a jockey. But, thanks to video recording technology, I can see the view from the back of a Thoroughbred race horse. Check out this video from CBS News and the Washington Post.

    It’s pretty amazing how still the camera remains while the horse is taking such huge strides. The strength it must take to maintain that position through the entire race while still piloting the horse is mind-boggling.

    Want to know what the view is like from the back of the greatest Thoroughbred race horse alive today (in this blogger’s humble opinion)? Here’s an amazing video of the undefeated Zenyatta.

    If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out this rider’s-eye view from the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, courtesy of rider Peter Atkins.

    I think the helmet cam is a fabulous development. Of course, if I wore one, the video would be a really boring tour of the paths and trails around my boarding farm with occasional blurry moments when Snoopy spooks at scary landscaping rocks or solar electric fence chargers and tries to bolt. But I hope more top riders try this technology out so people like me can be armchair jockeys. Maybe someone competing in an extreme cowboy race should give it a go.

    What kind of sights would your hypothetical helmet cam pick up? What rides would you love to see recorded on helmet cameras?

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    1. That looks exhilarating but just a tad too fast for me. Oh dear. God bless those jockeys…braver than I’ll ever be.
      (Also…probably would have been even more awesom if my computer had speakers…oh well)

    2. Wow!! I’ve always loved the idea of racing, although I doubt I ever will because I’m tall and ride western pleasure… But it was so cool to see the racetrack from the jockey’s point of view!

    3. WOW that was great. But to have to be hand walked and then with a out rider to get going and that out rider horse was really calm with Zanetta biting his neck! Both are beautiful horses!

    4. That was something else! But that poor sorrel pony horse getting it’s neck chewed on like that, poor thing. But Zanyetta can fly!


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