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    By now you have probably heard of War Horse, the young adult novel turned London/Broadway stage sensation. The play recently cleaned up at the Tony Awards, winning the big award for “Best Play” along with five other awards. The production is noted for its use of lifesize horse puppets to portray the equine characters. While the puppets are highly stylized, the trained puppeteers control their every movement and mannerism, creating a convincing equine portrayal.

    Or so I’m told. I haven’t actually seen it. Have you looked at theater ticket prices lately? You can read more about the stage production and the puppets in the August issue of Horse Illustrated.

    Here’s what I do know. It’s a story about a horse named Joey and his boy, Albert, separated by war, and their journey to reunite. It’s said to be a tear-jerker. And if there’s anyone who loves a tear-jerker, it’s Steven Spielberg. The legendary director/producer got his hands on War Horse and the film version is expected to hit theaters this December. The first official trailer was just released.

    No disrespect to Seabiscuit, Secretariat or Dreamer, but I’m kind of excited to see a horse movie that doesn’t have a thing to do with racing. War Horse is being marketed a movie for all ages, so bring the kids, but also the tissues. Then we’ll wait to see if Joey and Albert can make as much of a splash at the Oscars as they did at the Tonys.

    Edit: Here’s a newer, longer War Horse trailer. An official release date has been announced. The film will hit theaters in the U.S. on December 25.

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    1. Thank you for posting the video clip. I can’t wait to see the movie. I agree that this will be a tear-jerker…I was getting emotional just watching the preview! This will be a special movie.

    2. War Horse is one of the best books I have ever read… I cried just reading it. I’m so excited for this movie to come out, it is nice to see a horse movie not involving racing and not a documentary. I can’t wait to go see this! May have to drag my boyfriend along to! 😉

    3. Wow I really want to see this movie. I love all horse movies. My favorites so far are Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron (which is animated, yes :)) and Hidalgo. I wouldn’t mind adding this to my favorites list!

    4. It is a wonderful idea to make people aware of the contribution and sacrifice of horses during war. I remember Bess…..it was a war movie that featured a horse. The pain and tragedy of war … for human and animal … will undoubtedly bring tears–amazement…and pride. I’ll bring kleenex.

    5. I can’t wait till then. I love the idea of having a movie about a war horse! Thanks to horse illustrated for showing me the link to the preview.

    6. I really have a love of horses, there are such beautiful animals…
      This Movie I want to see, probably twice…
      I cannot wait till it comes out…
      Thanks Steven Spielberg
      Susanna Esquivel

    7. Looks like an amazing movie that focuses on the love/relationship of horse and human and the triumphs and casualties of war. It has to be a winner from Spielberg!


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