Course walking to the beat


    Everyone knows that hunt seat riders, especially
    equitation riders, are very serious. Clad in conservative, traditional beige
    breeches and navy coats, these riders demand perfection from their horses,
    their grooms, and themselves. Horse shows are a place for hard work, discipline
    and concentration, not for self-expression.

    But no one told any of that to these riders.

    This video was taken at the 2011 New England
    Equitation Championships. The adult equitation riders in the 41+ age group
    coordinated their routine for weeks ahead of time to honor the 35th
    anniversary of the event, and then broke it out during the course walk. Kudos
    to you, ladies!*

    *There may have been a dude or two in the field,
    but I didn’t see any.

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