Ann Romney and the Summer of Dressage


    Big news for the world of equestrian sport. Television personality Stephen Colbert has declared dressage the Official Sport of Summer. Of course, as with just about anything that comes from Colbert, this declaration came with a healthy dose of mockery. (If the video below doesn’t play, you can watch the clip on The Colbert Report website:

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    Now, I understand that as a candidate for office (or the spouse of one) you just have to accept that you are going to be scrutinized and made fun of. I also realize that it’s Stephen Colbert’s job to bring humor and absurdity to the often grim world of political news (and he’s good at it—this bit got more than a few laughs out of me.) Furthermore, the Romneys and I don’t share much common ground politically. All that being said, I always cringe a little when Ann Romney’s Olympic contender shows up in the mainstream media.

    Ann Romney co-owns Rafalca, the Oldenburg mare who finished third at last weekend’s USEF Dressage National Championship, with Amy Roberts Ebeling. Ebeling’s husband, Jan, trains and rides Rafalca. Let’s not kid ourselves, here. This is an expensive undertaking that most of us would never be able to participate in, and since one of the recurring criticisms aimed at multi-millionaire Mitt Romney is how out-of-touch he is with regular people, it makes good fodder for Colbert and others.

    What is starting to get on my nerves, though, is the constant characterization as dressage as some unattainable pastime of the one percent, closed off to commoners behind gold-plated doors. At that level, it may seem that way, but the Romneys probably have throw pillows that cost more than what I paid for my horse, and that doesn’t stop me from attempting dressage with him. But the news reports and comedy bits never make a distinction between dressage and Olympic-level dressage. Again, it’s not their job to do that, necessarily, but look at it this way. Most American kids learn to ride a bike. There’s a minimal cost barrier to entry for cycling. Just about anyone can do it. But if you want to go to the Tour de France, you can’t get there on your $25 yard sale bike. You’d spend thousands of dollars on the bike, your helmet, the latest technical clothing. Heck, you can spend $65 on socks specifically for biking if you want.

    People know that there are different levels of riding a bike (or running, swimming, playing tennis, etc.) But dressage? If Stephen Colbert tells them that it’s a sport that requires six-figure horses, then that becomes their entire knowledge of that sport. That’s how they’ll know dressage (or horseback riding in general.) And that’s sort of a bummer for the rest of us.

    Secondly, I think it is worth mentioning that Ann Romney has Multiple Sclerosis and took up dressage in the late 90s to help ease her symptoms. The characterization of her sitting back and throwing money at Ebeling while he competes her horse isn’t really fair to her. She rode as a kid and has become an accomplished rider in her own right. It’s not quite as good for comedy to bring that part up, though.

    And finally, if you’re going to allude to the Romneys’ horse ownership of evidence of how they’re not like the rest of us, I feel that it’s important to point out that Ann has the warmbloods, but Mitt has a horse of his own, too. Apparently he’s got a Missouri Fox Trotter for trail riding. Is there any horse that could be more unassuming and middle-America than that? If I were his political strategist, I’d tell him to play that up.

    Regardless of your political affiliations, what do you think about the mainstream characterizations of equestrians? Do you think Ann Romney’s involvement will bring more positive attention to dressage, or is it just going to reinforce the idea that riding is for the rich? Click “Submit a Comment” below and let me know what you think (but keep the politics out of it, please! There are plenty of more appropriate places on the Internet where you can discuss your feelings about the looming presidential election. Let’s stick to horses here.)

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    1. Okay, let’s assume you’re right. Owning a horse at the non-Olympic level is much less expensive. What’s the average annual cost to own a horse? I mean all the disposable income that it takes, including fuel to/from the stables, boarding fees, feed, tack, vet, insurance. You might want to amortize the purchase price of the horse over the many years of its life. Now, let’s stack that up against the entry-level fees for other pastimes that might lead you into sports, like basketball, baseball, swimming. I’m guessing that, if you have enough money to keep a horse, you’re in a different socio-economic strata than the people who play tag and ride bikes in the church parking lot across the street.

    2. Caperna, you couldn’t be more off based here. Equine enthusiasts come from all different socio-economic levels. Some people feel having the latest electronic gadget is a necessity, I would much rather invest in a new bridle. That being said… I am thrilled that there is some attention being given to the beautiful sport of dressage. What kid in the 60’s didn’t want to have a pony like Macaroni that the Kennedy’s had at the White House? And who doesn’t love the photographs of Ronald Regan on his wonderful horses? I have never tried the dressage discipline but, feel that any recognition given to the horse industry is good. Educating the public is a positive move for horse lovers- irregardless of your political affiliations.

    3. 6 Now when Lamoni had heard this he caused that his servants should make ready his horses and his chariots.
      Book of Alma 20:6

    4. Most of the dressage riders and horse owners I know spend nearly all their money on keeping their horse happy and healthy. You can certainly get to FEI levels without a lot of money, but you cannot get there without a lot of hard work and empathy for your horse. Good for Ann Romney. I’d rather spend time with her than with the disdainful, moronic Colbert, who has no idea what he’s making fun of. I really hate that attitude of Colbert’s. The hell with him.

    5. Well, at least the “masses” will know what dressage is now, and I won’t get those blank stares when I tell people what I do with my Appaloosa mare LOL!!


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