This Week in Horses – September 12, 2014


The horse news roundup took a little sabbatical while the World Equestrian Games were going on, but it’s back now and better than ever. As good as ever. It might need a few weeks to get back in the swing of things. Anyway, here’s what’s been happening in the horse world over the past week or three.

  • WEG, of course. The competition was good, even if there were no big surprises on the podium. The spectator experience? I wasn’t there, but I have seen the statement “worst WEG ever” thrown around. Organizational problems that manifested as parking/transportation failures and a lack of food and functioning bathrooms, among other things, seem to be the main problems. But I did very much enjoy watching it online from the comfort of the HorseChannel World News Headquarters.
  • You know, if I survived the WEG as an event rider, I’d probably spend the next year of my life patting myself on the back and maybe drinking French wine. But many of the people who actually do have the work ethic and skills to be world-class riders got right back to it, heading over to the Burghley Horse Trials in Great Britain less than a week after the end of WEG eventing. Jeez.
  • Remember the Full House series finale where Michelle falls off a horse and temporarily loses her memory, and they have to get it back by reminding her of different zany sitcom things that have happened over the years, thus creating the perfect structure for a flashback episode? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, it turns out one of the Michelles, Mary-Kate Olsen, specifically, is really an equestrian and competed in the 1.10 Adult Amateur Jumpers at the Hampton Classic.
  • It’s early September, and technically, it’s still summer for a couple of weeks. No one told that to Calgary, where the Spruce Meadows Masters Tournament is covered in a blanket of the white stuff.
  • There have been a run of mane and tail thefts in Ohio. No horses were seriously injured in this spree, but the brazen trespassing/horse harassment is disturbing.
  • The NYC carriage horse debate continues. Researchers from Western University in California are studying whether or not the horses are happy by testing stress indicators. The study is partially funded by the Horse and Carriage Association, so, that’s something. This article frames it as if the researchers believe that the horses are doin’ fine and are out to get some scientific evidence to back that up. But if the results show that the horses are stressed, the carriage operators will immediately cease operations and let the horses live out in the country. Oh, no, sorry. They’ll “install improvements in the stables,” whatever that means. I remain ambivalent.
  • I like this article in which a Boston Globe sports reporter—a non-rider—tries polo and discovers that it’s not easy.
  • I also like this article, about a young boxer who was asked by police to stop using his jump rope near a horse farm because it was spooking the horses. I like it because I learned a new Britishism: “Take the Mickey.”

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your weekend, and if you’re in Calgary, stay warm out there.

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  1. Fun articles. Liked the polo one but not having ridden for 20 years would put a different perspective on that.
    Loved the Burghley trials video.


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