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In a perfect world, all riders would have the opportunity to ride at least one horse every day. We’d have a lesson with an expert trainer once a week at minimum. We’d cross train with a balanced mix of cardio, strength and flexibility workouts.

Yeah, I know.

I think all of us would at least hit the “ride daily” part of that if we could, but what if you don’t have a horse of your own? Or your horse is retired and can only be ridden minimally? (*raises hand*) Or you can’t quite fit weekly or better lessons into your schedule and/or budget? (*raises hand again*)

The British Horse Society’s HoofRide program is here for us with its new Resolution2Ride campaign. This campaign includes a video series with mounted and unmounted exercises to help you improve your riding. And so far, the mounted exercises don’t require a horse that can trot or canter for miles, which means mostly-retired-Snoopy can help me with this.

Time spent riding, preferably with occasional feedback from an educated observer, is the best way to become a better rider. But when you can’t have that, it’s not impossible to improve through other means.

Keep up with the campaign via the usual channels: YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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