This Week in Horses – December 4, 2015


Hello and happy Friday, everyone! Here’s what’s been happening in the horse world this week.

  • Yet another change to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s once-straightforward plan to rid the city of carriage horses. Limiting the horse’s home and working area to Central Park makes sense to me, but then, I’m not a New Yorker.
  • The American Heart Association has an annual beach ride fundraiser in South Carolina that attracts a huge number of horses and riders. Unseasonably warm weather brought a lot of non-equestrian beachgoers this year at the same time, and that brought a lot of complaints about manure. I’m mostly including this article for the quoted experts who point out that horse manure isn’t a health risk the way dog (or human) excrement is. Bookmark it for when your local non-equestrian trail users complain.
  • I included a story about two runaway teenagers found at a horse ranch in Minnesota in the roundup a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a story on the same subject with some additional info.
  • This story about Cowboy College (actually Lakeland College’s western ranch and cow horse program) will make you want to pack your bags and head for the vast prairies of central Alberta.
  • A horse in Tennessee is helping his human family sell their home in an unusual arrangement. Willie the horse and some of his animal companions will be included in the sale.
  • I’m a fan of police horses, so it’s sad to hear about one killed in the line of duty in Houston in a traffic accident. Thank you for your service, Charlotte.
  • And finally, if you’re looking for a great holiday gift for the special fella in your life, take a look at this aftershave that’ll make him smell like a sweaty, dirty horse. (Or don’t.)

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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  1. Leave it up to city slickers to ruin everything because they aren’t educated enough to realize the benefit of manure the some ones who want to destroy good farm land all in the “good of the people” where do they think food they eat comes from. Manure is just a fact of life maybe they are just too busy on their cell phones to pay attention to where they are walking.


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