The Near Side: Meet the Bloggers

    KimSenior Associate Editor Kim Abbott is currently in search of a small horse farm so she can finally get a couple of horses.
    LeslieLeslie & Snoopy: Leslie’s Morgan, Snoopy, is a saddle seat champ, but has everything from driving to kid’s camp horse on his resume. Together, they’re now trying out dressage and enjoying time on the trails.
    HollyHolly & Jester: HI Managing Editor Holly loves eventing, and her Appaloosa, Jester, is young but learning fast! He started competing in 2012 and is already becoming a star.
    LizLiz & Chance: HI editor Liz and her Appaloosa gelding, Chance, enjoy trying new things together. Chance is a great trail horse, and he also loves to jump.
    LesleyEditor-in-chief Lesley lives on a farm with her three horses: Tee, an off-track Thoroughbred; Grace, a Paint cross; and everybody’s favorite, the palomino pony Jasper. Lesley spends most of her time trail riding with dogs Fern and Ozzy alongside. The horses, dogs and cats of Fir Tree Farm have been known to make guest appearances in HI—top models, all!

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    1. seeing that the journalism people still ride horses is comforting. I want to ride, train, and breed horses, but I also love writing.


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