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    For contest rules, please click here. Prizes are awarded to top entries across all categories.

    The contests run on the following dates:

    April 1, 2012-June 30, 2012
    July 1, 2012-September 30, 2012

    Votes will be counted and prizes awarded at the end of each contest.

    See the previous Virtual Horse Show winners. Show Me.

    Virtual Horse Show Prizes

    ShowSheen Prizes


    Glamour Action Shot
    GlamourCould your horse be an equine supermodel? Show us your horse looking his beautiful best.Action ShotSoaring over fences, galloping through the field or playing with the herd, nothing captures the imagination like a horse in motion. Submit your best action shots here.
    Best FriendsFunny Face
    Best FriendsDoes your horse have a friend in the barn dog or cat? Does he have a donkey or a llama for a turnout buddy? Or does he prefer to spend his time with another equine? Show us your horse and his best friend here.Funny FaceIs your horse especially expressive, or does he have a unique face marking that makes him stand out in a crowd? Submit your interesting head shots here.
    Show ScenesGrazers
    Show ScenesDo you and your horse appear on the A-circuit or are you local stars at your neighborhood gymkhana? Submit your best show and event shots here.GrazersDoes your horse love to eat? Submit your best shot of your horse doing his favorite activity–snacking–here.

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    1. Yay! It’s back! I don’t think it’s fair, though, that the horse with the ‘most votes’ wins. Some people get online more than others. HI should ‘judge’ this ‘virtual show’ some other, fairer way.

    2. Pretty sweet prizes they have there…unless you’re not a show person. Oh well, guess you can always show sheen your horse just for a day in the pasture 🙂

    3. Well I’m not sure, but since the next contest started july 1st, do you not have to renter? I think the first contest voting is closed. But I’m not sure.

    4. So there are only three prizes right? its not three prizes for each catagory its just 3 for all of them? Can someone explain please?


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