What is the 4-D Barrel Racing Format?

Here's how the 4-D format works in barrel racing.


Barrel Racing

The 4-D format has become quite popular in barrel racing, thanks in large part to the National Barrel Racing Association (NBHA), but if you’re new to the sport or haven’t shown using the 4-D format, here’s how it works:

All riders race the pattern, and four division brackets are determined by the overall fastest time. The fastest riders make up the first division; riders in the second division are a half second or slower than the overall fastest time; riders in the third division are one second or slower than the overall fastest time; and riders in the fourth division are two seconds or slower than the overall fastest time.

The 4-D format allows horses and riders of varying experience levels and abilities to succeed within an appropriate division, complete with prizes and points. Youth riders 18 and under are usually in their own 4-D brackets.

For more information, visit the NBHA at www.nbha.com.

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