Horse Training Videos with Jonathan Field


Don’t let your training routine become repetitive and boring. Canadian horsemanship trainer and clinician Jonathan Field offers some advice on simple ways to keep training fun, fresh and productive for you and your horse. Check out the videos below for tips on cross-training your horse.


Using nothing more than a log on the ground, you can improve your communication with your horse through some simple games and exercises.




Hill work under saddle is a great way to improve your horse’s fitness and keep your training routine interesting.




Mixing up your training routine requires nothing more than a barrel, a cone, and a place to ride.




If you have a small hill on your property or at your boarding stable, you have a great place to work with your horse.




  1. I likes this man. He is training for things that I would use with my horse. I do not show and that seems to be what most are showing in videos

  2. I enjoyed the videos quite a bit. It was nice to see a little different ideas about training horses from the “standard” lunge . I would enjoy seeing MORE videos from Mr.field.

  3. I really like the two I can access, but would LOVE to see the clip on using a barrel, cone and place to ride. There is only a black square.

  4. I only watched a few of the videos. They were well done and I plan to watch more as time allows. We are training a young otsb and these will come in handy.

  5. i really like these videos they are a good natural horsemanship training tool and gave me many new ideas to advance my natural horsemanship.

  6. I loved Jonathan Field’s video on the training with a cone and barrel, and I like it so much, I am going to make it a game to play on my horse and share with my riding instructor, because it really does help with balance and flexibility when you lope in a tight circle and reach around.

  7. It’s great to see Jonathan doing demos that we can
    pratice at home. I attended a clinic with Jonathan
    2 years ago with my green Haflinger Mare and she loved working so much that she didn’t want to leave
    the arena.

  8. I really like this guy! When I was young, I used to do the same things with my horse! I could do almost anything with her! Please keep Jonathan as a regular!

  9. Jonathan truly has the gift of teaching!! I have not yet found another clinician that teaches and carries on general conversation while teaching like Jonanthan does. I have all of the JFH DVD’s and absolutely love them. Jonathan teaches on a level to which everyone and anyone (experienced or inexperienced) can benefit…..he makes it black and white!! I choose JFH over everyone else out there right now and highly recommend him :o)

  10. Several great trainers have had one super star horse. Jonathan has the ability to make any horse a super star and he has with several that others have given up on. I learned more from him in 3 days than I did in 25 years of starting colts for the public

  11. I love Jonathan – he’s just so down to earth kind of person. I have learned some great simple things to do with my horses and will bring such an improvement to both of us.

  12. Like the idea of backing up that hill and around some bushes, but where we live, one there are more ticks out there than you want to be around, so that you won’t work. But I like the idea a lot!

  13. Hill Work Under Saddle is so much like what I teach fearful students with skiing. Always look 20 or 30 feet ahead and plan you move, don’t look at the whole picture if you are afraid of the hill, just little pieces at a time.

  14. Very interesting ways to improve your horse’s exposure to the trail & in such a way that it’s fun. Sometimes we just go out for a ride or work in the ring and don’t think about incorporating ways to take advantage of the surroundings to teach.


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