Ultralight Horse Packing



  1. Thank goodness for this article. It might be thought that all of this should automatically be common knowledge, but believe me, I know first hand that if it is a lot of ‘peoples’ are sure forgetful!
    Folks, wake up, we don’t have to many more places left. We all love our horses and freedom and now we have to take care of theses beautiful places. Happy trails you all.

  2. This is the best way to keep our wilderness beautiful for all to see. And a great way to send time with all of your friends that like to ride and camp.
    Keep on riding

  3. Awesome article!!! Someday I hope I get to do this but some of the tips will be useful for my long one day rides.
    Love the hobbling tip!

  4. Great article! You might mention that a horse can only safely carry a total (including rider, saddle, and gear) of 1/5 of it’s weight. We try to keep a bit more of the weight toward the horse’s front instead of putting the weight over the loins.


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