Video: Taking a Green Horse on the Trail with Jonathan Field

Trainer Jonathan Field helps a rider work with her high-energy horse to become more relaxed on the trail.


If your horse is young or green and hasn’t spent much time on the trail, you might be apprehensive about leaving the arena. In this video, trainer and clinician Jonathan Field instructs a rider on how to prepare for a first trail ride with her young horse.


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  1. I like Jonathan he is up beat & made it look easy for Owl & his rider! But a horse with this much energy will take many days of this & some don”t have as much time as it may take:)

  2. I agree the more times going out of the arena builds a more relaxed horse. I hope this advice works on my nervous horse. She feels nervous when taken out on trail rides too . She was a show horse before I purchased her.

  3. Interesting! I hope that everyone’s weekend was both great and safe,aving a good week and has another good weekend,plus I also hope that they have a nice Martin Luther King,Jr.Day. Tat goes for last year and all the other years that I’ve missed. A great video.

  4. Great lesson. Thanks so much. I liked hearing the description of what the horse is thinking and how the rider responds to keep the experience positive.

  5. Lovely to see how she was able to keep the pony focused and at a nice flat walk. I find when stressed, my horses speed up and that complicates everything. Good job and incremental distances a good plan.


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