3 Horse Stencils For Barn-Inspired Bedroom Décor

Horse Stencils For Barn-Inspired Bedroom Décor
Gina Cioli


We know you love your horse—it’s a part of who you are. You can take your passion outside of the barnyard with a horseshoe picture frame that can be used to decorate your bedroom. It’s fun and creative way to bring your love of horses into every aspect of your life.

Start by selecting a color palette that suits your personality. A color palette is a set of colors you will use when decorating your room that complement each other. Not everything has to match perfectly as long as you pick from the same group of colors.
For this bedroom, we chose the following color palette based on a bright floral fabric found at the local craft store: peony pink, salmon, cranberry, golden yellow, bright yellow and teal.

After making the horseshoe frame (instructions below), we created four canvases to hang on the wall. We painted them with stripes, silhouettes of horses, hearts (download shapes here), and of course, a favorite horsey quote.

Have fun with this and be creative! Add a photo of you and your horse to the display. A large wooden initial from your first name (or maybe your horse’s name) finishes off the look.

Supplies needed for your horseshoe frame:

  • picture frame
  • horseshoe
  • acrylic paint
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • fun, colorful fabric

Horseshoe Frame Directions

    1. Find a picture frame. Remove the backing and glass. (Ask an adult for help when dealing with glass.)
    2. Cut the fabric a little bit bigger than the opening of the frame.
    3. Place the fabric pattern side down, and set the glass in the center of the fabric.
    4. Attach the excess fabric to the back of the glass (make sure to pull the fabric tight).
    5. Attach the backing of the frame and close tightly.
    6. Get an old horseshoe and clean it. Your farrier should have a wire brush that he can use to do this.
    7. Paint your horseshoe with acrylic paint (this may take a few coats) and let dry.
    8. Once dry, carefully, and with an adult’s help, use a hot glue gun to attach the back of the horseshoe to the fabric in the picture frame.
    9. Let sit a few minutes while the glue sets.
    10. Place in your newly decorated barn-inspired room!



Horse Stencils For Barn-Inspired Bedroom Décor


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Horse Stencils For Barn-Inspired Bedroom Décor

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Horse Stencils For Barn-Inspired Bedroom Décor

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