Equine App Round Up

    13 Smartphone must-haves for Young Riders.


    A-to-Z of Horse Feed

    Your favorite horse’s health depends on what and how much he eats.


    Summer Survival

    Here are some things you can do to make sure your horse is comfortable in hot weather.


    Fighting Flies For Your Horse

    Learn how to keep pesky bugs away from your horse.


    8 Dressage Tips

    Eight tips to help you improve your dressage scores.


    Play the Circling Game

    The Circling Game is a fun way to teach your horse to move forward.


    Play the Driving Game

    In part three of our fab series, Linda Parelli of Parelli Natural Horsemanship teaches you how to tell your horse what to do from a distance.


    Trailer Loading A Horse

    Teach your horse how to load into the trailer.


    Trail Riding: Avoiding Trail Trauma

    Stay safe when you ride outside the arena.


    Horse Rushes the Jumps

    How to slow down a speedy jumper.


    Take Your Camp Horse Home!

    Some camps allow riders to lease their favorite horse over the winter.


    Safety on the Trail

    Learn how to handle hazardous situations on the trail.


    Dos and Don’ts of Buying your First Horse

    What you need to know before beginning your horse shopping adventure.



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