Horse Health College Master Schedule

    Horse Health College - Session 100 Let the learning begin! Take introductory courses on a variety of subjects.
    Horse Health College - Session 200Build on what you have already learned in the first session and see what you will discover!
    Horse Health College - Session 300Explore new topics in equine health and expand your knowledge of horse health care.


    1. Is Horse College free? If not, what is the cost? I would like to take it, but need to know the cost. thank you,
      lisa mathalon

    2. I was trying to print my seesion 300 diploma but the site says it cannot find it. It shows I have one in my account. I was able to print the two session 100 and the 200 session.

    3. In Session 200, I am missing one class, but when I go to open it, so I can finish it, there is nothing there. That cute little horse, is going to help me find it in the bag of carrots…..tells me it is at the bottom of the bag.
      Can not finish until I do that one class.

    4. I have completed all 3 sessions and on my account it states that I have completed and that I have 3 “Diploma” to download. First level Session 1 no problem but for the other two levels I get the horse picture and comment…. at bottom of the carrot bag, At that point, Im confused, because nothing I do leads me to the missing Diplomas.

    5. I have the same problem….I am missing one class, and the horse tells me it is at the bottom of the carrot bag, and he will help me find it.

    6. On HC main page in the search area, type in horse college graduation, it will take you to a page with all the grads listed, click your name and it will take you to your diploma, good luck, just enter the search for either horse health or grooming colleges

    7. Where are the new horse quizzes? Normally they arrive on Wednesday ands all I get is alert that the site is a menace to my computer safety, what is going on?

    8. When can we register for session 300? There is also a session on horse grooming that can not be logged into? Learning a lot and having fun doing these classes with my 5 y/o niece.


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