Hollywood Dun It Approaches $5 Million Milestone


Hollywood Dun ItHollywood Dun It is poised to top the $5 Million mark in foal earnings and with the spring events approaching, the milestone could happen any time. By March 15, the earnings for Hollywood Dun It were just over $40,000 away from the $5 million figure.
As the leading all-time sire and one of only two National Reining Horse Association ‘s (NRHA) $4 Million sires, Hollywood Dun It’s place in history would be secure even if he never attained another laurel. Since 1992, the beautiful buckskin has dominated the reining industry, with foals winning every major reining title as well as numerous championships in other disciplines.
“It’s just amazing that his foals are still having such an impact on the reining industry,” says Tim McQuay, who owned Hollywood Dun It with his wife, Colleen, and partner Jennifer Easton.
Reining isn’t the only area that Hollywood Dun It’s foals excel. Wild Card Dun It, (X Colonel C Hermosa) was the 2006 American Quarter Horse Association High Point Junior All Around Horse.
And with frozen semen, McQuay feels that Hollywood Dun It’s impact on the industry will continue. “I think I’ll be able to show Hollywood Dun It foals as long as I’m able to ride!” he chuckles.
The McQuays have long credited the breeders, owners and trainers who have promoted and ridden Hollywood Dun It for their part in his success. They’ve also created an award for the horse that moves him over the $5 million mark.

The owner of the horse that propels Hollywood Dun It over $5 million in foal earnings will receive a special limited edition bronze of Hollywood Dun It. The bronze is one in a series of 8 created by Marita McMillan. The first bronze was presented by the McQuays to the National Reining Horse Association and is kept in the NRHA Offices as a perpetual trophy, inscribed each year with the name of the top sire of the futurity.
Remarkably, one of the events that could propel Dun It across the $5 million line is the 10th Anniversary National Reining Breeders Classic (NRBC). The McQuays were part of the team that created the NRBC and this event has long been a site for Hollywood Dun It foals to excel. He’s been the leading sire at the event numerous times. It’s also often been the site that has propelled riders and horses over milestone earnings accomplishments.
“We’ll have to have a party wherever it is,” McQuay says.
The NRBC is slated for April 16-22 at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, Texas.

For information on the NRBC, visit www.nrbc.com.
For information on Hollywood Dun It, contact www.mcquaystables.com.


  1. I think this is awesome. To be able to freeze semen and keep having his foals is to cool. To bad they can’t do that in the thoroughbred industry. We may have seen some Barbaro babies or more Seattle Slew or Secretariats.

  2. Amazing to know that frozen semen can be so productive — and thank you for keeping an exceptional horse’s legacy alive!


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