Video: Anky Reins


Watch a clip of Anky’s reining demonstration at the 2009 Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida.

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  1. She must find riding a horse without contact difficult, as she is so used to rollkur. I’d like to see her try to crank in a reiner’s nose and see how well it can perform! Maybe now she’ll start to understand proper rein contact.

  2. video is shakey but even accounting for that, and looking at the picture in my May issue, her hand is REALLY high. Any higher and if the horse bucks she’ll be okay for the ‘no touch’ rule for saddle bronc. Western riding when done properly your rein hand doesn’t move more then 4 inches from the saddle horn in any direction, any more then that is wasted movement and energy. Cowboys and valqueros prided themselves on these horses sliding farther stopping harder and spinning faster all with a barely flick of a rein, twitch of a finger. Its dressage in a stock saddle, you don’t go hauling a dressage horse around with reins and hands in the air, same is true for a reining horse. First time was interesting, can’t wait to see if she continues.

  3. Man, I hope that devil woman gets the heck off of our western horses!
    Like the last thing reining needs is more behind-the-vertical and rollkur!

  4. for all the bad comments she JUST learned how to do that stuff she did in the video. and i would like to see a reining rider ride dressage as well as anky in the time she learned to do that stuff. and she was just having fun

  5. Wow how spiteful people can be when we see one of the best dressage riders in the world try something new! Congratulations to her for having the guts to broaden her horizons how many of you average Joe’s out there have the guts to try something new for fear of what your peers might think? Anky has millions of people all over the world ready to judge any move she makes, I think that makes her not only one of the best riders in the world, but also one of the bravest! What would 98% of you all out there know about rollkur anyway? Many people have tried to average people have stupidly tried to immitate rollkur training on their own and successfully given Anky and Sjef a bad name for it. I say wake up world and appreciate greatness when you see it – even if it’s different!

  6. I would have liked to have seen her spin and do a couple sliding stops, but I am very tickled that Anky is also reining. I have been a fan of hers for years. It is a great example to inspire other equestrians to be more flexible and not pigeon hole themselves into one disipline. Thank you!


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