Bank Puts Horses in Commercial and it’s Awesome


Lloyds Bank, a British establishment, is celebrating its 250th anniversary. In honor of the momentous occasion, they created a television commercial depicting the last 250 years. Instead of showcasing life in a bank over that period, Lloyds chose instead to feature the iconic black horse, which is also the bank’s logo, as a symbol of a reliable, trusted presence. I don’t think they could have chosen a better image to represent them; do you?


Check out the commercial and let us know what you think.


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  1. Thank you your powerful advertisement shows,how much the horse was such a big factor of human,lives generation,after generation.
    You sum up in a few seconds how horses have been involved not only charging,on battle fields helping win wars that shaped are modern world.
    You also showed how back home horses were helping,humans in day to day life well done Lloyds ????

  2. The bank commercial was perfect I had to watch it over. The song and the progression of closeness you put with the horse to us as strong and reliable but understanding was great.

  3. This commercial couldn’t get any better than it is! What a fantastic tribute to the horse! Horses represent dreams. Good for you Lloyds Bank! Kudos!

  4. I love it!!!!! Especially the last part when the lady is able to ride free even though she has trouble walking. What a great feeling!!!! Free at last… free at last… thank god

  5. When I first saw it I was in awe that there were horses in a commercial. I liked the fact they did that. Of course I am very partial to the commercial since I own a solid black Morgan stallion!!!


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