October 2020 SmartPak SmartTip of the Month: Senior SmartSupplements

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Whether you’ve been partners for years or you’re both turning a new page together, you want to give your senior horse the care and support he deserves. Horses are living longer and longer, so caring for seniors brings some special considerations. One of those considerations is winter weather, and as the seasons begin to shift from warmer to colder months, there are ways to help support your senior with the right preparation and care.

To start, you may be wondering—how old is a senior? Nowadays, chronological age may not be the best indicator of when a horse is senior, but rather his physiological age. It’s important to work alongside your veterinarian to best understand your horse’s physiological functions, like digestive efficiency and immune status, to help determine his status and put the right plan in place for your horse’s individual needs.

Once you have discussed your horse’s health with your vet, there are other things you can do to support him. First, help your senior start winter off right by making sure he’s at a healthy weight this fall. Experts recommend that senior horses get two physical exams each year, so your horse’s fall physical is a great time to ask your veterinarian to show you how to evaluate his body condition. Once you know his body condition score, consider whether you need to make any adjustments to his diet now.

Next, it’s important to monitor your senior horse’s teeth all year round, but it is especially critical during winter. If your horse can’t chew properly, he’s not going to receive the full benefit of the food you’re providing. Every horse needs an annual dental exam, and seniors may need one twice a year. Schedule a dental exam with your vet to ensure that your horse’s teeth are in top shape before winter arrives.

SmartPak SmartCombo Senior Pellets
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In addition to general care, many senior horses may benefit from the daily, ongoing support that supplements provide, especially during the winter months. Key areas to support—such as weight, joint, and immune health—are important to consider for your senior.

SmartPak is pleased to offer a variety of formulas designed with the senior horse’s health in mind. We’ve formulated top-rated joint support with tried-and-true ingredients, like glucosamine and innovative support from turmeric and resveratrol. We’ve also designed supplements specifically with your horse’s weight and pituitary health in mind. However, if you’re looking for multiple areas of support all in one convenient supplement, we’ve got you and your horse covered with the SmartPak SmartCombo Senior line.

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