Five horses stolen from Southern Arkansas University

Stolen SAU horses

UPDATE 11/16/11: Four of the missing horses have been recovered. Credit Card, the 15-year-old sorrel gelding, is still missing. Click here to read the article.

Original Article: Members of Southern Arkansas University’s college rodeo team
were shocked to find five of their horses gone on the morning of Nov. 3. Along
with the horses, a trailer and several items of tack were missing.

The trailer was found in the town of Tom, Okla., near the
Arkansas state line on the evening of Nov. 3, but there was no sign of the
missing horses.

All five of the horses are American Quarter
: Grey, a 7-year-old gray mare;
Badger, a 14-year-old black gelding; Lena, a 14-year-old buckskin mare;
Credit Card, a 15-year-old sorrel gelding; and a 10-year-old black mare simply
called, “Black Mare.” Several of the horses have identifying brands.

The horses were in their stalls at Mulerider Stables in
Magnolia, Ark. at the time they were stolen. Currently, there are no suspects
in the theft. SAU is offering a $5,000 reward for the return of the horses.

The SAU rodeo team has continued with its competitive season
using borrowed horses and tack.

For more information on the missing horses, including photos
and a downloadable flyer, visit

To learn more about the SAU Rodeo Team, visit


  1. Sounds like an inside job to me. I would be hanging on that insiders heels and at her mammas house too. I would be sick if it happened to me and would hang the sucker that got them like they did back in the old days.


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