MSU’s My Horse University Offers New Learning Opportunities

MSU's My Horse University helps youth and adult riders learn about horses

Michigan State University’s (MSU’s) My Horse University (MHU) online curricula are not only useful tools for individuals who want to learn more about horses, including selection, evaluation, welfare and behavior, but the two online learning programs can also be incorporated into youth and adult group experiences.

Through MHU’s horse welfare and behavior program, participants can learn about horse behavior and how it can influence the way they interact with horses. It’s appropriate for audiences from teens through adults and offers video and written information to help people understand why horses react to certain situations.

The horse selection and evaluation curriculum is designed to help would-be horse owners better understand how a horse’s form relates to its function and how to evaluate potential mounts for various uses.

The programs’ learning modules can be used in group meetings and discussion groups. People can also access the information individually and learn at their own pace.

“My Horse University is excited about being able to provide education to youth,” says Dr. Christine Skelly, director and founder of My Horse University. “This is a great way for leaders of youth groups to be able to use online resources for education.”

Agape Equestrian Intern Program, a nonprofit organization located in Georgetown, Texas, sought out MHU to provide information on horse behavior and welfare for their intern program focused on young women between the ages of 13-18.

“The online course taught these advanced riders that it is more than just getting on a horse that there is ongoing research in the field of equine science. This program is a great foundation for learning about horse behavior and welfare,” says Director of Texas Equine U Intern Program Joycelyn Romero.

Future MHU courses will focus on equine nutrition, health, reproduction and exercise physiology.

For more information, contact or call (517) 353-3123.



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