Wilson College to Offer Bachelor’s Degree in Equine Journalism


Wilson College equestrian studentWilson College in Chambersberg, Pa., is now offering something more for college-bound equestrians. The Wilson College Board of Trustees has approved a new four-year equine journalism major that will be offered for the first time in the spring 2009 semester that begins in January.

The new major will be added to Wilson’s 24 existing bachelor’s degree offerings. The bachelor’s in equine journalism combines instruction in equestrian studies, one of Wilson’s most popular majors, with instruction in conventions of journalism, including feature writing and media ethics. Students will be required to complete an internship and upon graduation, and school officials sat graduates will be knowledgeable about equestrian studies and possess a high level of communications skills that will qualify them for any job that requires strong writing.

Graduates with a degree in equine journalism will have a number of career options, school officials say, including writing for newspapers and magazines that report on equestrian events and working in public relations and corporate communications for companies in the horse industry. Officials state that the major also will prepare graduates for careers in the equine industry that call for creating marketing, sales and technical written materials for pharmaceutical companies, horse barns, breeders and manufacturers of tack and apparel. In addition, graduates would appeal to associations, foundations and nonprofit organizations related to the horse/equestrian industry, as well as to the public relations departments of schools where equestrian activities are an important part of the institution’s program.

Wilson College, which is a 139-year-old institution, has two other equestrian majors: equine-facilitated therapeutics and equestrian studies. For more information, contact the Wilson College Office of Admissions at (800) 421-8402 or visit www.wilson.edu.




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