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Equine Art and Creative Artists

New Life

A newly discovered love of horses inspired photographer Tracey Buyce to apply her skill as a wedding photojournalist to the equestrian world. Her years of experience have taught her how to seek out the unforgettable moments that tell a story.

“Great moments are fleeting, and you need to be ready to anticipate, react, and document,” says Buyce. “Being being able to read and anticipate emotion and movement are all skills that are essential in photographing horses.”

As the devoted owner of a Morgan horse, Buyce went on a mission to celebrate the the breed by photographing the foals at several prominent Morgan farms last spring.


“Being able to capture the newness, the innocence, and the guilelessness of foals in this world was one of my most inspiring projects as a photographer,” says Buyce.

Even at only a few days old, she notes, the youngsters’ curiosity is a mix of innocence and alertness, sending them bounding and leaping as they explore their new environment.

Photo by Jeffrey Mosier


Meet the Photographer

Tracey Buyce has been a professional photographer for over a decade, capturing weddings, families and animals. She turned her lens to horses in 2012, when she finally realized her lifelong passion and began taking riding lessons. Soon after, she became the owner of a Morgan gelding, RBF Marksman, affectionately known as Moose. Buyce’s goal is to connect viewers to the unique beauty and personality of horses.

“I want them to feel a strong emotional pull to the photograph,” she says. “That emotion may be a sense of peace, joy, laughter or beauty. It’s my hope that this feeling lingers with them for much longer than just the moments they view it.”

To browse Buyce’s fine art horse prints or to commission her to photograph your own horse or stable, visit

This article originally appeared in the March 2017 issue of Horse Illustrated magazine. Click here to subscribe!

Abigail Boatwright

Abigail Boatwright is a freelance writer and photographer based in Texas, and is the editor of Horse Illustrated’s sister publication, Western Life Today.

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