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Editor’s Picks: Top 10 Horse Halloween Costumes

Horse Illustrated’s Halloween Contest entries kicked off Halloween by sharing photos of creative costumes they have used for their horses and themselves or their kids. We posted all of our amazing submissions on Facebook as a photo gallery, and on Instagram as a scroll-thru post, but in the meantime, check out our editor picks from all of our entries. We hope everyone had a safe and festive Halloween with their horses, friends, and family. In addition, check out our Halloween poll results in which readers shared how they celebrate Halloween—from horse Halloween costumes to parties to jack o’lanterns to Halloween events. And for additional Halloween content, see Further Reading options below.

Congratulations to Emily H. of Albion, IN, who was the winner of the random prize drawing from all of our entries. She won a one-year subscription to Horse Illustrated.

Most Artistic

Parker W. and MZ Gallant Jay as Mary Poppins and Jingles

Most Super Costume

Kristy D. as Wonder Woman with BF Gundownabear as Superman

Most Authentic

Gene S. and her Friesian, Dante

Most Gallant

Sarah S. with Jean-Luc B. are fully knighted.

Most Festive

Scarlett B. and Frenchie are ready to hula dance.

Most Social

Kira O., as a ballet dancer on Made in America, and Margaret Dugan, as a knight on King Arthur

Most Exotic

Tenaya N. on safari found a giraffe


Briahna L. and Sun Tans Scotch Bar (Dakota) as a little girl on a rocking horse

Most Nature-Related

Amelie F. and Etienne F. as a cloud and a raindrop.

Most Magical

Georgia G. as Ms. Frizzle and Annie as the Magic Schoolbus

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